divineDivine Canvas

Welcome to our tattoo studio set in central London , our creative cave of psychedelia, geometry, dotwork and darkness, where the lights sooth your mind and the ambience is set to bring your mind, body and spirit into a realm of inner tranquility. 

The tattoo studio is chilled, friendly and unique.  Most of the clients who come to be tattooed here feel that they have experienced something so different, that they not only leave here with the custom tattoo that they have envisioned, they leave with a feeling of having experienced something truly personal, that it became magic for their soul.

We always ask that our clients who visit us, refrain from mobile phone use/noise while downstairs during the tattoo sessions, to minimize disturbance to the atmosphere and also to remain respectful to others in their creative processes.


Find us in 179 Caledonian road, N1 0SL, London

divine canvas studio front dotwork studio
meela rainey working tattoo
angel rose deity tattoo working
divine canvas studio inside dotwork studio
divine canvas studio inside dotwork studio
divine canvas studio dotwork studio